28 Ocak 2011 Cuma

Soccer Games of Brazil y Chile

Brazil hopes to Chile offensive on Monday when they clash in the opening of juvenile South American final round, said the Brazilian coach Ney Franco, the time it ruled that the long break is an advantage for the verdeamarelo. soccer girls
"Chile is going to attack, is by computer. I do not think that will change your game just because you're playing against Brazil," Franco said in a press conference on Friday. argentina soccer
Franco agrees with those who say that the Chilean Rojita follows the attacking style that has imposed the Argentina coach Marcelo Bielsa in the senior team, which qualified for the World Cup and passed the first round in that event. online soccer
Bielsa was involved in preparing the youth team led by his Chilean counterpart César Vaccinium. fantasy premierleague
"I called the attention of Chile, a team that is characterized with fast attacking play on the wings," said the Brazilian boat. "I have a good reference to the number 9 (Yashir Pinto). It is an interesting attacker, good player. It is a choice that requires much care. england soccer league

Pinto scored on Thursday one of three goals in the 3-1 win over Venezuela to Chile deposited in the final round.

"He has an equal performance on the pitch," Franco said when asked if the youth group was Bielsa's offensive philosophy. "Obviously the selection is more adult experience, a lot of time playing that way."

Chile plays with "three defenders, with four men in midfield," he added. "Three attackers, two open and one in the center."

Chile debuted with a 2-0 win over Peru, but was thrashed 4-0 by Uruguay and Argentina 3-1.

The helmsman said, in turn, the three teams with a chance of winning the South American are Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.england soccer league
"I put on the same level with Brazil, Argentina. Uruguay can never be underestimated. It has a strong team."
Franco these days has seen the greatest coach Mano Menezes Brazilian, who arrived on Wednesday to accompany the youth to his presentation at the Hexagon on Monday.
Menezes presence reflects the importance that Brazil gives the tournament, which plays its World Cup qualifying in Colombia U20 this year and, especially, the soccer trip to London Olympics 2012. Brazil has never won the gold medal in Olympic soccer and eagerly want. soccer girls
Any advice de Menezes? "No advice. He knows very well the role of a coach in a team. He knows that the coach is always responsible for their decisions," he said.
However, he explained that even before embarking on the trip to the tournament, talked a lot with Menezes and his visit does not hurt to exchange ideas.
He suggested that juveniles should not necessarily adopt the style of the senior team led by Menezes, although "they have to play with the characteristic of Brazilian football: offense and defense balance.argentina soccer
Brazil moved to Arequipa immediately after the first round in Tacna on Tuesday.
Franco did not think that represents an advantage over Chile by having several days of rest. online soccer
Chile is already in this office in Arequipa and the fittest ", he said. fantasy premierleague

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