26 Ocak 2011 Çarşamba

Milan Tulips

"What makes you happy?" Answer: "Seeing people around me are happy" - said Ibrahimovic in October, reflected in the great interview he did Eleonora Giovio in the newspaper. Milan have talked a lot this season. serie a Maybe by the Madrid European crossroads, perhaps because the appeal arouses Swedish, or sometimes to contrast the other team from the city, sad soul with Rafa Benitez (although it started), trying to get out of the crisis now Leonardo. This first question may pass it to the reader, italian soccer it says much more juicy stuff afterwards. Yet defined what has become AC Milan, a team that plays for a man and he wants what he wishes his star striker. "Happy people around you? I met up with Robinho and Cassano, Ronaldinho, italian soccer we let go of losing his smile and place workers disgruntled twenty yards behind. serie a Gattuso and Ambrosini who is not worried. On receipt, give them the ball quickly to the top. italian soccer A team party: "Here are all within the dynamics of the game. Teams rely on three or four players that make the difference. " Ibra it was clear. A few to score goals and the rest to prevent them. With this latest effort, the Milan has approved the hiring of Mark Van Bommel, the Dutch honorary member of the tedium.

The detriment of the Dutch midfielder,italian soccer he remembers his time spent on the sly in Barcelona (though do to the ownership) and the recent World Cup, where he formed a lethal duo, talking about working underground, with Nigel de Jong. Its overall picture is therefore not entirely positive. When he joined Bayern Munich in August 2006, Beckenbauer welcomed him with open arms. "Come to a place where it can be protagonist," the president said then Munich. And what if it was. He inherited the captain's armband, was unconditional in midfield and played with the difficult task of filling Michael Ballack, who ventured to taste of London life. It was a good buy for Bayern, but regularly starred any unnecessary commotion, any violent or out coz card as standard. Was gradually leaving behind the offensiveness worn in Eindhoven and became what is now. A player tactically correct, apt to take responsibility, but has lost the luster it had.italian soccer Something that has been supplemented with another dose of football.serie a

Precisely for this development, which some might consider negative, has won the club move to Lombard. In the current gaming policy Van Bommel Milan home to perfection. We may like it more or less (the proposal of eight plus three), but the adequacy of profiling in correspondence with what is needed is perfect. italian soccer A guy with bad temper to struggle in midfield and not get too close to attack, not disturb the happiness of Ibrahimovic.serie a

italian soccer Without making much noise, serie a Urby Emmanuelson this winter has also reached the Rossoneri club. Home left-back flashed at Ajax when he announced his position inside. Allegri think that could use it again on the side, in a variant offensive that would add an incentive to eight plus three. serie a But that is not touched. Livorno coach was quick to comment that he wanted it for more advanced positions. italian soccer If you intend to play some minutes, it will bring a smile to the commander in Swedish.serie a

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