25 Ocak 2011 Salı

Manzano: "It's not the first, but one more of Mourinho"

The Sevilla coach Gregorio Manzano has reviewed, in line with the absence of his colleague Madrid, José Mourinho, the press conference this Tuesday by the club 'merengue' he's not surprised that attitude, since "there is the first, but a more "than those shown by the Portuguese.
And it is that of Bailen prefer not to delve into this matter. "It is true that Mourinho has had little contact with a Spanish coach, in any circumstance, but it's a personal opinion that does not have to be true. Who should consider, judge or assess a technician does not leave a press conference prior of a game are the media, "said Manzano.
"Mourinho has had little contact with a Spanish coach"
"It would be surprising if this is the first of Mourinho, but it is not the first, is one more. He is free to do whatever they want, not going beyond that, I do not get to appreciate what he did at a press conference because is the first time "he said.
Also chose to play down the controversial iron 'spot', with the Sevilla has prepared the atmosphere prior to the King's Cup semi-final, first leg which will be held Wednesday at the Sanchez Pizjuan.
"I do not mind, not the adjective that could put that idea has been the club to motivate this special game, because it is. We are on the brink of the final and, of course, need the support of our people, who is materially from what is the 'spot'. I do not see any negative situation, quite the opposite, "he said.
"It seems very well that what is said and wait to see if sanctions" on the words of Karanka
Also challenged Real Madrid to denounce the 'spot' as the second of Mourinho, Aitor Karanka, pointed out that it would be desirable to happen. "It seems very well that what is said and wait to see if there is no penalty. To be punished have to expose it in the appropriate fora and to adjudicate if it must be punished. If not, is a bit out of context," said .
Manzano takes the match against easy targets, but does not clarify which scheme used. "To beat the Real Madrid must play defense well enough. What is important is that the team defended well and when we have the ball, we know better attack. That is the reading, because Madrid itself is a team with great players and defining how little he gets well, "he said.
In any case, said that "the tie is not going to solve in the first leg" at which you should take a cool head at all times. "Let's not lose your mind and want to win the tie in the first 20 minutes at home," he snapped.
"It's a special game"
Of course, Apple relies on the motivation of his players in a meeting of this importance. "It's a special game and I hope the players onto the field with the mentality of champions, winners, and strong team that can and should be here in our house Madrid harm."
And, from their point of view, the clash comes at a good moment for Sevilla. "In the past nine or ten games we've lost two, one against Real Madrid. With these numbers we are in a better time than worse, and I hope the team take that pride in me. Tomorrow we will see the best Sevilla. We are going to make things difficult to Madrid, "he said.
Finally, Blanquirroja coach, who did not at all for granted the signing of midfielder Medel, highlighted the fact that it has eliminated twice in Cup to Real Madrid, saying he knows and eleven ranked. "It's a game round in which variables will have to adjust to the script of this game against this opponent. The script I have it on the head," he concluded.

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