2 Şubat 2011 Çarşamba

soccer argentina

he Independent Argentinean classified itself to the phase of Liberating groups of the Glass thanks to his Navarrese Hilario doorman, in the party that its equipment soccer girls lost in Ecuador by 1-0 before Sport Quito, today emphasizes the press of his country. With the defeat by the minim, the Buenosairean set made merit its triumph by the 2-0 in obtained house week last argentina soccer in the beginning of the preliminary chapter of the competition. The sport newspaper Olé describes as " descomunal" the action of Navarrese, that covered five closings of goal in the first part of the encounter disputed in the Olympic stage Atahualpa, of Quito, and was the pillar in second of an Independent one which it early resigned to attack. Independent " only aguantaba" in the second time the attacks of the Quito formation, affirm the metropolitan newspaper. " online soccer It hoped that the end arrived from partido" but " it knew, clearly, that in the arc it had to Navarro" , it adds. The set of Avellaneda counted on " fantasy premierleague a great Hilario Navarro" , england soccer league it affirms matutinal the Nation, although it indicates that Sport Quito was sunk in its own deficiencies. " If the Ecuadorians had in their equipment one or two clear players, would much more have troubled Navarrese. The majority of their plays was diluted in three quarters of field, when the moment arrived for putting happens accurate so that the advance became situation of riesgo" , it assures the newspaper. " Navarrese one clearly became the great figure of partido" , it affirms the matutinal Bugler, although it warns that playing did since it in Quito to the Argentine equipment it will cost to him to progress in the match, after needing that in the second part it only arrived once at the area of his rival. " Navarrese it was the figure, once again, in the equipment that directs Antonio Mohamed, and without his opportune interventions it would be impossible to imagine to an Independent one within the phase of grupos" , it indicates the Popular Newspaper.

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