1 Şubat 2011 Salı


I wait for a Bernabéu that helps its equipment to reach it”, added the white soccer girls technician Laura Navas The encounter of this Wednesday before Seville is the last step that needs to Real Madrid to stand in the end of Glass of next the 20 of April. And as much the group as the madridismo is sensitised in obtaining it. Thus it sees Mourinho it: “Tomorrow it will be a party very difficult to play, a party england soccer league abierto with an open result. I hope that the Bernabéu helps its equipment to arrive at the end”. The others are the responsibility of players who dream about conquering the competition. “The equipment is very deluded with arriving at the end”, declared the Portuguese trainer. For many years that Real Madrid does not arrive at the end of Glass and we have been to a party. fantasy premierleague Obvious it will be very difficult with a result that leaves everything very open”. argentina soccer But Mourinho completes its own words adding that the group knows clearly the objective: “After the victory in Seville I saw the group very well, very deluded. online soccer If we were able to win or to tie we will be in the end”. For that reason, with the commitment more than assured its players, it hopes that the launching slip responds in the same way: “I wait for a Bernabéu that wants to be in the end and to help its equipment to arrive. It will be a very difficult party. The equipment needs online soccer to its liking and I hope that the Bernabéu helps its equipment to reach the end”. Reviewed the encounter of Glass before Seville, the trainer of Real Madrid also analyzed the moment that crosses the equipment: “In a month we have played nine parties, something complicated for players who are not accustomed to do it. In the last years the equipment has fallen eliminated in Glass in first or the second round, and takes six or seven seasons being outside the Champions in eighth. They are customary players to dispute only Liga . Nevertheless, Mourinho is convinced that with time that tonic will change: “They must accustom, I hope that next year he is better, to the other best one… Our objective is to fight by all the competitions until the end. The problem to play a party every two days is not physical, is mental, costs a little. These players are men. A man is an animal of habits and a player is a man, so a soccer player is an animal of habits”. The technician luso made balance of the situation of the equipment (“We have been a long period playing high level and now a little is costing us more”) and also spoke of own names like the one of Pepe: argentina soccer “I do not like much to speak of soccer players who do not play but I must say that with him the equipment plays more stop, is not scared to leave spaces to its backs, presses more, it reclaims balls faster and better in attack. Very I am satisfied with that they play back, but by his characteristics Pepe he changes much to the equipment”. Questioned on if the lack worries to him about goal of the equipment, soccer girls Mourinho assured that they are moments by which they are crossed throughout the season: “We are in a period of less goals, but he is something absolutely normal. fantasy premierleague We are playing against equipment that does not have parties between week and which they are only prepared to play with us”. And it confessed that it does not have any doubt on Ronaldo Christian: “He is a fundamental player for us. If it continues doing its work and giving everything for the equipment I will be I complete in saying ' to him; there are no marcado'. It is making one season fantastic and it will return to mark, I do not know if the Sunday or the week that comes”. england soccer league

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